Rams vs Lions: Prepare for a crazy wild Wild Card Round of the 2024 NFL Playoffs

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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Don't look for a warm reception for Matthew Stafford in Detroit

All of the sentiment and goodwill from Detroit Lions fans towards LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford has been recalled this week. After all, Stafford is no longer the quarterback for the Lions, and has gone from legacy hero to present day heel more rapidly than 'rasslers' turn in the WWE.

The city of Detroit, Michigan has been incredibly patient in waiting for the Detroit Lions to get their act together and figure out out to win the NFC North Division. Long dominated by the Aaron Rodgers-led Green Bay Packers, the Lions have been frustrated by falling short for decades.

So in their first hope game in the NFL Playoffs in what seems like forever, I certainly am not going to judge or blame the fans for choosing to cheer for their team over their former player. In fact, I expect that is exactly how this game will play out. And I am not the only one with that line of thinking.

The opposite of love is not hate. It's apathy. In many languages, love and hate both fall into the emotional category of passion. For Detroit Lions fans, whether its love that has turned or simply a form of supporting their team, this tame is not going to be met with apathy. Long-time Lions fans know to go for the gusto when the opportunity presents itself.

Waiting 30 years for a playoff game at Ford Field is long enough. Don't expect Lions fans to sit quietly for this one.