Rams vs Lions: The monster of Motor City returns to spoil Lions postseason

Los Angeles Rams, Matthew Stafford
Los Angeles Rams, Matthew Stafford / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages
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When the LA Rams and Detroit Lions negotiated the exchange of quarterbacks Matthew Stafford (from Lions to Rams) and Jared Goff (from Rams to Lions) in 2021, the LA Rams felt that Stafford was the missing ingredient to put the Rams over the hump to win a Super Bowl. Of course, other pieces would be added to the Rams roster along the way, but the union of the LA Rams offensive savant HC Sean McCay and improvisational veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford certainly did take the NFL by storm.

The Rams were so certain of the fit of Stafford in the Rams' offense, that they kicked in several additional draft picks. So what did that trade ultimately look like? Well, at the inception of the trade, the trade package looked a bit like this:

Rams acquire Stafford

But enough time has passed that we can revisit the picks and substitute player names. The Rams traded a host of picks, so how did the Lions do?

Stafford Trade revisited

The Lions used the Rams draft picks to wheel and deal in the 2022 and 2023 NFL Drafts, and clearly are a far better team as a result. But was it all worth it? For the LA Rams fans, I am somewhat convinced that you will get a unanimous reply that is was indeed worth it.

The Rams won Super Bowl LVI in the year of acquiring veteran QB Matthew Stafford. By many accounts, Stafford has been even better in 2023. So much so that he has enabled rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua to break the NFL All-Time Rookie Receiving Records. And this is only the second time that Matthew Stafford has been honored by the NFL Pro Bowl, and the first time doing so for the LA Rams.

So what do the Detroit Lions face with Matthew Stafford's return?