Ranking Rams’ biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

Some believe that the LA Rams draft class from the 2024 NFL Draft may be the most important rookie class of GM Les Snead's career. But these Rams have found plenty of draft gems over the last decade.

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How can you judge the success or failure of a draft prospect? Of course, if you await their career to play out fully, you can simply assess the length and production of their NFL careers compared to their peers. The variety of players and the roles that they have played for the team makes it almost impossible to arrive at a clear list of top talent over time for the LA Rams football team who heard their names called out in the NFL Draft over the past 10 seasons.

And yet, we are all seeking ways to assess the impact of rookies on the Rams roster. Was it a smashing success? Was it simply up to expectations? Or did that player somehow fall short of where we thought that they might end up? To look back over the past ten years of the LA Rams' drafting ability, we tried to be objective. To do that, we tried to assess the drafted rookies from a basic principle: Were they better than, as good as, or less than the brochure?

That allows us to weigh players who were selected in later rounds over others who were merely delivering as expected. Of course, even that simplistic criteria has some subjectivity to it. And so, we also applied a view of how positively did that drafted prospect impact the team? Was their play on the field such that the Rams were far more effective?

Most of all, was that player consistent? We know and love the contribution that DB Nick Scott made in the 2022 NFL Playoffs that helped get the team to Super Bowl LVI. But that was the apex of his career for the Rams, as he all but disappeared from the team in the following season. So too did we appreciate the contribution of DB Jordan Fuller, when healthy. It was Fuller who intercepted Tampa Bay Buccaneers veteran QB Tom Brady to seal a win. But Fuller was oft-injured, forcing the Rams to start others in his absence.

So here is our list of the Rams biggest draft gems of the last decade. We hope you enjoy this list: