Ranking Rams’ biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

Some believe that the LA Rams draft class from the 2024 NFL Draft may be the most important rookie class of GM Les Snead's career. But these Rams have found plenty of draft gems over the last decade.

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IV - This hurler started the team on the right track

The addition of QB Jared Goff as the first overall pick from the 2016 NFL Draft is very likely the snowflake that landed on the slopes that started the avalanche of events that would drive the Rams to not one but two Super Bowls. After all, it was Goff's slow 0-7 start that prompted the team to make a change at the head coaching position.

When the team hired Sean McVay as the new head coach of the LA Rams, everything changed. While it is veteran QB Matthew Stafford who claimed the first Lombardi Trophy by the Rams for the city of Los Angeles, California, Jared Goff led the team to Super Bowl LIII. In fact, Goff led the team to a record of 42-27, including his horrific 0-7 start in his rookie year.

Goff completed 1536 of 2421 throws for 18,171 yards, 107 touchdowns, and 55 interceptions. He even rushed 163 times for 314 yards and 10 rushing touchdowns. Many believed that Goff was merely a system quarterback who benefitted solely from McVay's offensive scheming and strategy.

While he did not seem to handle the mounting pressure to deliver a Super Bowl victory, Goff has since vindicated himself by leading the Detroit Lions to the playffs.

Ultimately, the Rams had Jared Goff parted ways in a less than admirable way, sending Goff and picks to the Detroit Lions in return for Matthew Stafford. Stafford won Super Bowl LVI for the LA Rams, and Jared Goff has gone on to win a playoff game for the Detroit Lions. In the end, the trade benefitted both teams.