Ranking Rams’ biggest NFL draft gems of the last decade

Some believe that the LA Rams draft class from the 2024 NFL Draft may be the most important rookie class of GM Les Snead's career. But these Rams have found plenty of draft gems over the last decade.

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III - All-purpose running back

It's impossible to create a list of draft gems for the Rams football team and exclude RB Todd Gurley. Gurley was the poster child of all-purpose NFL running back, and he wore that role with honor. Sadly, Todd Gurley's NFL career lasted a very short six seasons, five of which were with the Rams. But they were sweet years, nevertheless.

Gurley was the ultimate offensive weapon. While he was dangerous in 2015 and 2016, he became lethal in Sean McVay's offensive design. Gurley was a big running back, standing 6-foot-1 and weighing 224 pounds. But he was agile, powerful, and incredibly versatile. In 2017, his first season in Sean McVay's offense, Gurley rushed 279 times for 1,305 yards and 13 rushing touchdowns. But he also caught 64 passes for 788 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Gurley was a touchdown machine. In 2017, he put up 19 touchdowns. In 2018, he put up 21 touchdowns. And even as he was limited in 2019, he still put up 14 touchdowns.

Gurley was so productive, but his knees were unable to withstand the rigors of so much work in the NFL. Ultimately he was released, and signed with the Atlanta Falcons for one season. But he was a two-time All-Pro running back in this offense, and the Rams have never found another runner to replace him.