Ravens Jackson's absence opens uncertainty who Rams will face this week at QB

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams, Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams, Lamar Jackson / Leon Bennett/GettyImages

While I never wish injury or illness on any NFL player, I cannot ignore the fact that the absence of Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback Lamar Jackson does create speculation about why he was absent, and whether today's absence will impact his status this Sunday.

The LA Rams must travel to Baltimore, Maryland to take on the AFC-leading Baltimore Ravens (9-3) in a game that means a great deal more to the Rams than to the Ravens. Ravens' websites are reporting speculatively that Lamar Jackson's absence may be related to an onset of some illness, which could impact his status regarding playing in Week 14 against the LA Rams.

Another Ravens website reports that if Lamar Jackson cannot suit up Sunday to face the Rams, then backup quarterback Tyler Huntley would likely be promoted to start against the Rams.

The LA Rams faced backup veteran quarterback Joe Flacco in Week 13, and Flacco played a very competitive game against the Rams. Even if Jackson cannot go, the weather forecast for Sunday in Baltimore is calling for torrential rains and high winds. If Jackson has an illness now, the Ravens may simply sit him for Week 14 just to keep him out of lousy weather conditions.

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport did clarify the matter, and reported that Ravens quarterback is indeed dealing with an illness on Thursday.

With the Ravens sitting a 9-3, and all other AFC North Division teams no better than 7-5, the Ravens can be strategic with Jackson this week, let him rest and heal up, and still be in charge of the AFC North even if the Ravens lost to the Rams.

Of course, the Ravens are built like the San Francisco 49ers and the Cleveland Browns, with a strong rushing attack and a stifling defense. Those types of teams merely require a game manager who will not make mistakes, will move the chains, and will control the game clock.

In all honesty, I'm not really sure in the anticipated downpour predicted for Baltimore this Sunday whether the Rams have a better chance against starting QB Lamar Jackson or backup QB Tyler Huntley. But with Jackson's status possibly up in the air, hopefully the Rams will be ready for whoever lines up under center this Sunday.