Ravens OL Morgan Moses had two jobs: Protect QB and get this Rams jersey after game

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Morgan Moses
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Morgan Moses / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The LA Rams did not win in Week 14, but to my eyes this was a team that certainly wanted to win. The LA Rams fought and scrapped with the Baltimore Ravens into overtime before falling to a special teams unicorn, a punt return touchdown. Quite a few have pointed out the fact that the touchdown should never have happened due to an egregious block in the back by a Ravens player, but you can decide for yourself:

You hate to see a game end on a controversial play. Whether the official calls a penalty that is not obvious, or fails to call a penalty that is obvious, that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of NFL fans who simply want consistent officiating.

The outcome of the game may not have gone the Rams way, but don't think for a moment that Baltimore Ravens players are not in awe of what the Rams players are doing this season. One player who is getting a lot of recognition and respect from Ravens players is LA Rams rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua. And if you don't believe me, just listen to Raven offensive tackle Morgan Moses in the interview below.

So why would a Ravens player want a Rams player's jersey? NFL players are fathers too, and their children are already busy scribing their wish lists for presents from Santa Claus. But even Santa needs help sometimes, and Morgan Moses wanted to make sure that his children have a very merry Christmas morning.

We have pointed out the fact rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua is not just a great rookie wide receiver, but he remains among the Top 5 NFL receivers this season. In just 13 games, he has gained 1,113 receiving yards, placing him among some very reputable receivers in NFL history

Why wouldn't an opposing player want an heirloom like that for his children? Not only does it brighten their Christmas, but it could very likely be quite valuable if preserved and kept for the future.

Come to think of it, perhaps I should add one of Puka Nacua's jerseys to my own Christmas wish list?