Real interest or red herrings, Rams Pre-Draft conference revisited

The Rams met with nearly 2 dozen prospects before the draft. Was it real interest or just red herrings that motivated the team to hold these meetings? Let's investigate.
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What makes Washington State's OLB Brennan Jackson an ideal fit?

I don't think anyone is overly surprised that the Rams selected one of the outside linebackers who they met with before the 2024 NFL Draft. The need for edge rushers on this defense was not a secret, so meeting with prospects who fit the team's specifications was only logical

The LA Rams managed to add OLB Brennan Jackson with the 19th pick in Round 5 of the 2024 NFL Draft, despite Jackson's projection as one of the first players to be selected on Day 3. He is a passionate and productive outside linebacker who stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 266 pounds. and plays even larger than that on defense.

So is Jackson the real McCoy? Or will he be buried in the depth chart and on the bench this season?

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He won't be warming the pine this year. He is a feisty and powerful player who fuels his tireless performance with unlimited passion, and he loves to compete in football games and all that entails.

Despite facing the best offensive tackles and quarterbacks each year in the Pac-10, Jackson continued to show dramatic progress and development in his craft. By 2023, he racked up 57 tackles, 12.5 tackles for a loss, 8.5 quarterback sacks, he broke up three pass plays, forced one fumble, recovered four fumbles, and rumbled three fumble recoveries all the way for a touchdown.

Any edge rusher who scores 18 points in a single season is worth getting to know.

What I love about Brennan Jackson is the fact that he brings all of the potential of former Rams OLB Terrell Lewis, with none of the injury history. Terrell Lewis is 6-foot-5 and weighs 262 pounds, with an 83-inch wingspan. Jackson is 6-foot-4 and weighs 266 pounds, with a 79 1/8-inch wingspan.

I don't see it as overly optimistic to view Jackson as one of the rotational pieces to a ramped up Rams pass rush in 2024.

Did the Rams waste energy vetting rookie prospects? Not at all. It simply illustrates how much work is required to invest in each selection.

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