Reboot, rebuild, or restock? Reviewing LA Rams roster and D depth chart

Earnest Brown IV, Marquise Copeland, Elijah Garcia
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2023 Rams defensive depth chart (21 players)

As we take our first look at the 2023 LA Rams roster and focus on the team's defensive depth chart, two items may jump out at you. With the exception of defensive lineman Aaron Donald, the LA Rams defense is incredibly, almost painfully, young. And with the exception of DL Aaron Donald and ILB Ernest Jones, I would say without hesitation that every starting position is completely up for grabs.

Defensive End - Aaron Donald, Jonah Williams
Nose Tackle - Bobby Brown, T.J. Carter
Defensive End - Larrell Murchison, Earnest Brown IV

The LA Rams' defensive line will need reinforcements. The Rams historically enter training camp with no fewer than nine defensive linemen, but with the uncertainty of contributions of who is currently under contract, I would be shocked if the team did not try to add up to six more prospects. Aaron Donald will anchor the group. And the Rams saw enough out of both defensive linemen Bobby Brown and Larrell Murchison to project rotational roles for both players.

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Rams need reinforcements in the defensive trenches

But as for starters? They may not be on the Rams roster just yet. Certainly, the team will likely target at least one solid defensives lineman in the draft. But the Rams may be signing four after the 2023 NFL Draft concludes. This will be a huge rookie class for the team, I'm afraid.

While I love Rams Defensive Line Coach Eric Henderson, even the best positional coach in the NFL needs talented players who can be coached, and are given enough time to learn all the intricacies of their NFL roles. And with the team on the lower end of NFL experience, this is a team that will need more prospects to pan through to find the gold nuggets.

The Rams will need to invest in a defensive line this year to some degree. Like it or not, DL Aaron Donald is not getting any younger, and the wear and tear on his body from facing double and triple teams constantly is beginning to take a toll.