Reboot, rebuild, or restock? Reviewing LA Rams roster and D depth chart

Earnest Brown IV, Marquise Copeland, Elijah Garcia
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Behind the defensive line of scrimmage

Outside Linebacker - Daniel Hardy, Keir Thomas
Inside Linebacker - Ernest Jones, Jake Hummel
Inside Linebacker - Christian Rozeboom
Outside Linebacker - Michael Hoecht, Zach VanValkenburg

While I like the synergy of the Rams inside linebacker pairing of Ernest Jones and Christian Rozeboom, only Jones holds a certain starting role for the team at inside linebacker for 2023. I do believe that either Rozeboom or Jake Hummel will surprise a bit this season, and will do enough to hold their own. As far as outside linebackers? I give a starting nod to Michael Hoecht, as he did quite a bit with almost no prep in 2022. But I definitely believe that the Rams will draft at least one potential starting outside linebacker on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Rams face a deep edge rushing rookie class this season, and those types of players have skillsets that translate incredibly well to covering kicks and punts on special teams. As such, I believe that the Rams could land four outside linebackers and anywhere from 2-3 inside linebackers during and after the 2023 NFL Draft.

'Sup with that Rams secondary?

Outside Cornerback - Robert Rochell, Shaun Jolly
Slot Cornerback - Cobie Durant
Strong Safety - Russ Yeast. Richard LeCount
Free Safety - Jordan Fuller, Quentin Lake
Outside Cornerback - Derion Kendrick

There is nothing about the LA Rams secondary that tells me that this is a unit that is NFL ready to face the 2023 NFL season. Even the return of starting safety Jordan Fuller is of little comfort, because the Rams may or may not view him as the starter this year. With this as the team's current secondary, I believe that the first time the LA Rams step up to the podium, the team will give very serious consideration to adding a defensive back with the 36th pick of the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Rams defense may not come close to rising to among the Top-10 defenses in the NFL. But a strong secondary will create turnovers, which gives the ball back to the offense. Right now, with the team losing Jalen Ramsey, Troy Hill, Nick Scott, Taylor Rapp, and David Long Jr., this secondary is begging opposing quarterbacks to throw at them all day. And as long as that happens, the Rams own offense is not getting any work.

The LA Rams appear, as of right now, to be in need of two starting outside cornerbacks and one starting safety from the 2023 NFL Draft. While that is a very tall order, the Rams can do it if that is a priority. I for one think that it must be. Even if the strategy for the 2023 season is to fill the offense with weapons and outscore opponents, wouldn't you say that the Rams WR Cooper Kupp, Van Jefferson, Tutu Atwell, Ben Skowronek, TE Tyler Higbee, and RB Cam Akers and Kyler Williams as hand-picked offensives weapons?

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That's the current Rams defensive depth chart as of March 19, 2023. While there are not a lot of certainties, the Rams draft class this season will have incredible levels of opportunity to earn playing time and perhaps even a starting role. Even with 11 picks, with the Rams roster remaining so barren, I am leaning more and more towards the Rams trading back in this draft to amplify the number of picks chosen in the 2023 NFL Draft. If the Rams continue at their current pace, the team will have over half of the roster as rookies. While inexpensive, that would leave 2023 open to an incredibly poor-performing team. But the LA Rams have plenty of picks in 2024. Will they be looking at a new QB next year?