Recapping the best and worst LA Rams roster moves made in 2023

LA Rams GM Les Snead
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NFL Fans Top 10 worst moves of 2023

The social media report that triggered me down this path of reflection was the report of the NFL Fans voting for the Top-10 worst moves of 2023. Some moves truly were not ideal in hindsight, but others were simply the frustrations of fans that had to face an unwelcome and poorly-timed injury. Of course, tops on the list is the headliner that was covered on NFL headlines for days, and that was the New York Jets trade for veteran QB Aaron Rodgers. But there are plenty more on the list that may raise your eyebrow. They are:

Curiously, number five on the list is the Houston Texans signing of former Rams WR Robert Woods. Woods signed a two-year deal with the Texans worth $15.25 million. His first year with the team resulted in 14 appearances, 11 starts, catching 40 of 75 passes for 426 yards and one touchdown. In terms of performances, he did underperform his contract in 2023. But he was brought in for more than on-field production. The Texans receiving corps is very young, and Woods was added to offer veteran leadership. Based on the Texans appearance in the 2024 NFL Playoffs, I'd say that worked out.

But what about the Rams front office?

The LA Rams executed a number of roster moves throughout the 2023 NFL season. While some moves seemed to be relatively minor, the overall impact of a series of personnel changes, even minuscule moves that individually may not have moved the needle, the aggregate effect can and did lead to a material change in the Rams 2023 season.

And so, after a busy year that culminated in the LA Rams' fifth playoff appearance in seven seasons under the leadership of HC Sean McVay, we have a chance to check the rear-view mirror and try out our 20/20 hindsight. Can we learn anything from the past to aide in anticipating what the future may hold? With that goal in mind let's revisit and recap the multiple Rams roster moves from the incredible 2023 NFL season.