Recapping the best and worst moves of the LA Rams 2024 Free agency

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The LA Rams have certainly not been shy about the changes needed to restock the roster for a new NFL season. Almost as soon as possible, the team seemed to take a very aggressive and opportunistic stance as soon as the 2024 NFL Free Agency market opened for business. But aggressiveness is simply the term used to describe buzzards that, impatient over a slowly dying prey, simply swoop down to finish the job.

So aggressive can be either a gambler, a high stakes wager that could pay off a huge jackpot or lose the wager. Or it could simply be a more sophisticated way of describing impatience. So which does this pattern of the LA Rams seem to be more accurate?

Well, of all offseasons yet since GM Les Snead united with HC Sean McVay, the 2023 offseason felt like the most unnatural. The Rams had grown a bit famous among NFL circles for mastering blockbuster trades, those NFL headliners where they swooped in like white knights to extract a discontented NFL player whose negotiations for a fair market value extension had stalled miserably. While the team was most widely known for trading for All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars, they also managed to pry a trade-eager QB Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions.

The team even traded for Jacksonville Jaguars OLB Dante Fowler.

But there were no such moves after the 2022 NFL season. In fact, by this time last year, it was quite the opposite scenario. The LA Rams had cut both ILB Bobby Wagner and OLB Leonard Floyd outright. The team also trade DB Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins and WR Allen Robinson to the Pittsburgh Steelers for next to nothing.

This year has the feel of normalcy. Rams GM Les Snead, if nothing else, has been left off his leash and he has been back at the helm of this ship. In many ways, he has even had the personnel department performing a bit busier than usual.

But actions come with risks, and consequences. By moving in one direction, the team and limited funding could not move in another direction. So let's take a moment to stop, look, and listen to the railroad tracks for a moment. Which are the best, and worst, moves by the LA Rams so far in the now all-but-over 2024 NFL Free Agency market?

Recapping the best and worst moves of the LA Rams 2024 Free agency

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