Recapping the Rams Week 17 injuries and updates

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The LA Rams did not emerge from their hard-fought Week 17 victory unscathed. If you recall, the Rams had a last-minute scratch of offensive left tackle Alaric Jackson due to personal reasons. That forced the Rams to start swing tackle Joe Noteboom at left tackle, despite Noteboom fighting through a foot injury.

But during the game, other Rams players suffered injury as well. In fact, three players showed up in the post-game summary as having suffered injuries. They were

  1. TE Tyler Higbee - shoulder
  2. DB Jordan Fuller - ankle
  3. NT Bobby Brown III - knee

As a result, the Rams rookie TE Davis Allen saw some action in Week 17. Rookie NT Kobie Turner absorbed a larger number of defensive snaps in the Rams rotation. Jordan Fuller played the entire game, but now he is considered day to day.

Of course, that was yesterday. Today, we have some updates on at least one player who was knocked out of Week 17. It appears that NT Bobby Brown III will be able to suit up for the LA Rams in Week 18:

The LA Rams offensive line will be back to full strength for Week 18, if the plan is to get them onto the football field. Alaric Jackson, who was inactive for Week 17, is back and is ready to go for the LA Rams:

If the Rams are on the fence over any contributing player, or if the Rams have an interest in getting a seldom used player onto the football field to knock off some rust, Week 18 seems to present an ideal opportunity for the Rams to whet their teeth in NFL competition.

Will the Rams sit starters? I don't believe that the Rams have sufficient and well-rounded depth on the roster to sit all starters. And for units like the offensive line or the secondary, introducing a partial cast of new faces could be disastrous to the momentum of this team

I expect the Rams will make every effort to rotate key players out more frequently and for longer durations that a normal game. But if the player is not banged up, I would not be surprised if these Rams show up and put on a very competitive game for Week 18.