Recent Ramsey rumors prompts Cowboy's player to shoot it down

Jalen Ramsey
Jalen Ramsey / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The LA Rams rumors over the potential trade or outright waiver of star defensive back Jalen Ramsey have become so outlandish that its tough to look into the latest information about the LA Rams without being bombarded with the latest Rams rumors of Ramsey. While I am often suspect when the rumors begin to gain traction, that does not seem to be the case in this recent wave of scenarios that seem to change the method and the destination, but seem to focus on the Rams and the fact that the team will part ways with All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

We know that the rumors about trading Jalen Ramsey have popped up on social media for weeks. have reached the ears of Jalen Ramsey himself. And we know that the crescendo of the rumors has become loud enough that even LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff was asked outright whether the Rams would be trading Jalen Ramsey, a question that Demoff danced around.

But through it all, the LA Rams have not hinted, nor have credible Rams rumors suggested, that the Rams have any inclination to simply release Jalen Ramsey to become an NFL Free agent. But that hypothetical scenario was boldly suggested on social media, and the fallout of that prompted Detroit Lions WR Amon Ra St Brown to try lobbying for a free agent to choose to sign with the LA Rams.

But when Dallas Cowboys edge rusher Micah Parsons saw reports of that, he was swift and ruthless in shooting down that theory.

The word is that the LA Rams are listening to trade offers from other NFL teams. The matter has grown so serious that oddsmakers are naming the NFL teams that are the favorites to acquire Jalen Ramsey this off-season. While we did not create odds, we did list our projected five NFL teams that have serious Super Bowl LVIII potential by trading for DB Jalen Ramsey. In our projection, Amon Ra St Brown will be happy to note that the Detroit Lions are among the teams that I believe can benefit greatly from adding Ramsey to their secondary.

But it takes two teams to agree to a trade, and both teams must believe that they are receiving more value in the exchange.

That is not always easy to do. But based upon the enthusiasm that these Rams rumors from NFL fans, and the general consensus from NFL insiders that a deal is likely to be reached during the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine, I believe that the bidding war for Jalen Ramsey could land the LA Rams an impressive return that warrants the effort.

Curiously, multiple NFL Insiders have named the Dallas Cowboys as a team that could very much be interested in trading for Jalen Ramsey. In fact, NBC Sports NFL Insider Peter King named the Chiefs, Cowboys, and Bills as the teams to watch in the Jalen Ramsey trade market.

"My projection is the Rams could get something between a low first-round pick this year (Dallas, Buffalo, and Kansas City could be interested, and pick between 26 and 31 overall) and a package of picks—perhaps a low two this year, and a fourth-rounder this year or next, that could rise depending on performance or play-time markers Ramsey could meet." - Per Peter King in FMIA

If Ramsey lands on the Dallas Cowboys, you know they'll be instantly anointed as the next Super Bowl favorites.

With Bobby Wagner's release, are any LA Rams veterans safe?. light. Red Hot

That is unlikely to matter to the LA Rams, who may concede hitting the pause button on competing for an NFL Playoff berth as their main objective in 2023. Should the Rams trade Jalen Ramsey, then the matter is that the team may be willing to focus on building a much more competitive roster in 2024, and letting their 2023 chips fall where they may.