Reese Senior Bowl Executive Director gushes over Rams 2024 rookie class

Reese's Senior Bowl, Jim Nagy
Reese's Senior Bowl, Jim Nagy / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

You just never know where the next mother lode of good data about the LA Rams rookies may come from. While I am always delighted to click on any Rams breakdown from NFL Insider and analyst Brian Baldinger, I am always happy to click on anyone who can offer a new perspective. Perhaps one of the better sources of great data for LA Rams rookies comes from the Executive Director of the Reese's Senior Bowl himself, Jim Nagy.

What I most appreciate about Jim Nagy is the fact that he is so very generous with his experience and expertise. As executive director of a major college bonus bowl that stages NCAA talent in competition to allow NFL personnel executives, scouts, and coaches to witness first-hand how they can compete against one another, Nagy's role is filled with vital tasks throughout the season.

But he does far more than just coordinate a football game. His word is the gold standard about NFL hopeful prospects, and he does an amazing job of highlighting the unique skillsets of each player. Bes of all, he follows up after the draft to share his insight with NFL team fans to introduce them to their new rookies.

In the case of the LA Rams rookie class of 2024, he shared insights into six of the rookies who were selected in the 2024 NFL Draft, and they are:

Here are just some excerpts of his comments about the Rams rookies who participated in the Senior Bowl:

  • DT Braden Fiske (Round 2, Pick 39) - 'High-end athlete with enough position flex to start right away'
  • DS Kam Kinchens (Round 3, Pick 99) - 'Miami staff raved about toughness & overall makeup. Should seriously push for (a) starting role as (a) rookie.'
  • OLB Brennan Jackson (Round 5, Pick 154) - 'Wish he didn't get hurt in Mobile because he would've opened some eyes. Like Fiske, this dude never stops!'
  • DT Tyler Davis (Round 6, Pick 196) - 'Good value pick as (an) NFL-ready backup 3-tech behind Kobie Turner.'
  • PK Joshua Karty (Round 6, Pick 208) -'Big-legged kicker that many specialist gurus we consult with thought was one of best PK prospects in past 5-10 years.'
  • C/G Beaux Limmer (Round 6, Pick 217) - 'One of (the) best value picks of (the) draft. (An) Inside swing depth upgrade should be fourth IOL behind Avila, Jackson, & Dotson.'

While he reserved his analysis to those players who competed in the 2024 Reese Senior Bowl, his insight offers a unique and positive perspective to players whose name and reputation are still in the introduction phase of their NFL careers.

It's clear that Jim Nagy loves the upside of players added to the Rams roster in the 2024 NFL Draft. You will too.

As always, thanks for reading.