Reese Senior Bowl Jim Nagy showing some love for LA Rams 2023 draft class

Reese's Senior Bowl Jim Nagy
Reese's Senior Bowl Jim Nagy / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

It isn't the fact that the LA Rams have invested in their 2023 NFL Draft rookie class that has added so much uncertainty to the future of the organization. It's the fact that the LA Rams have invested half of the Rams roster into a single rookie class that is two-thirds constructed of undrafted rookies that is the big question mark.

This is an LA Rams team that is about as young as an NFL team can get. While that will pay huge dividends in the future, as these first-year players begin to turn the corners to their NFL careers in year three, it still leaves this team without enough veteran leadership in the here and now. The LA Rams still boast some of the most incredible and elite players in the NFL. But the ratio of elite to rookie has grown to nearly 10 to 1.

As a result, returning players and even drafted rookies may be forced to exhibit a bit more initiative than the Rams organization has typically expected of their new arrivals. The good news is that the LA Rams stockpiled seven players in the 2023 NFL Draft who performed very well in the 2023 Reese's Senior Bowl. That's a point that we touched on in a recent article, highlighting the fact that half of the Rams draft class competed in the 2023 Reese's Senior Bowl.

The Director of the Reese Senior Bowl, the venerable Jim Nagy, noticed that fact and shard a quick summary of every player the Rams drafted:

While there are more statements by Nagy if you drill down, I went ahead and inserted the later round rookies selected in the 2023 NFL Draft below:

If you have follow Jim Nagy on Twitter, you quickly learn that he is a positively charged scout who has a fine eye for football talent. The best part is that he is not just the guy 'in charge,' but rather he is one of the single most compelling forces for the sucess of the Senior Bow. That is due to the fact that he not only is active in recruiting the nation's top talent, but he promotes players who participate in the Senior Bowl as well. And I have come to place a lot of confidence in Jim Nagy, as what he says typically come to pass.

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If you have to choose one NFL Draft analyst, I highly recommend following Jim Nagy. Not only is he very objective, but he has the type of insights that you can take to the bank.