Revised Rams draft needs after early free agency activity

Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams
Les Snead, Los Angeles Rams / John McCoy/GettyImages

This has been one of the most active NFL Free Agency markets that the LA Rams have participated in since GM Les Snead joined forces with HC Sean McVay in 2017. Will it all pan out? Like any addition to an NFL team roster, there will be some players who play their hearts out and prove to be great bargains. But there is also a chance for some new players to struggle to achieve the performance level represented in their new contract.

The Rams have met their needs at offensive line, tight end, and backup quarterback. Truth be told, the team's starting offense for 2024 as well as much of the depth appears to be locked in already. So that leaves special teams and the defense.

While the team has signed former kicker Tanner Brown to a Reserve/Future contract, I believe that the team is eager to create competition at the placekicker position in training camp. But that can come in Round 7 of the 2024 NFL Draft.

What of the defense?

The Rams have significant signings to help the overmatched secondary. By adding DB Darious Williams and Kamren Curl, the team has a bona fide pass defender as well as a huge bodied defender who can stick with receivers in coverage.

But I believe the Rams want one more star cornerback, and if rumors are true, one may be in the works. If the team lands Tre'Davious White, this pass defense could best that of the 2023 group.

That leaves the front seven, and while there are options available to address that portion of the defense, the front office is prepared to make multiple selections at the edge rusher and defensive lineman positions to help out the defense for the 2024 NFL season.

So how does that all breakdown:

  1. Edge rusher
  2. Defensive lineman
  3. Kicker (Day 3)
  4. Wide receiver
  5. Best Player Available (BPA)

All in all, it's not an excessively long or difficult shopping list to fill. And with 11 draft picks, the team should emerge with multiple starters.