Revised Rams projected 2024 NFL Draft picks and beyond

NFL Scouting Combine, LA Rams GM Les Snead
NFL Scouting Combine, LA Rams GM Les Snead / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Revised 2025 NFL Draft picks

The LA Rams may not have any basis to project awarded 2024 NFL Draft compensatory picks, as those will reflect how the Rams are impacted by the 2024 NFL Free Agency market, but the Ramas have a two trades that are on the books that will impact their 2025 NFL Draft. So, what are they?

  1. Rams trade for Kevin Dotson - As the second installment payment for Kevin Dotson, the Rams have agreed to send a pick in Round 5 to the Pittsburgh Steelers in exchange for the Steelers pick in Round 6 of the 2025 NFL Draft
  2. Rams trade Van Jefferson - To acquire WR Van Jefferson from the LA Rams, the Atlanta Falcons agreed to send a pick in Round 6 to the Rams in exchange for WR Van Jefferson and a Rams pick in Round y to the Falcons
  3. Rams Trade Cam Akers - The trade of RB Cam Akers was conditional, and involved a 2026 NFL Draft pick swap. Unfortunately for the LA Rams, Akers failed to meet the conditions of that trade.
  1. Round 1 – The Rams hold their first-round pick
  2. Round 2– The Rams hold their second-round pick
  3. Round 3 – The Rams hold their third-round pick
  4. Round 3 +1 - The Rams will be awarded a 2nd third-round pick for Raheem Morris's hire
  5. Round 4 – The Rams hold their fourth-round pick
  6. Round 5 – TRADE (-1): The Rams traded their fifth-round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers
  7. Round 6 - TRADE (+1): The Rams have obtained the Steelers sixth-round pick
  8. Round 6 - The Rams hold their sixth-round pick
  9. Round 6: - TRADE (+1): The Rams have obtained the Atlanta Falcons sixth-round pick
  10. Round 7 - TRADE (-1): The Rams traded their seventh-round pick to the Falcons
  11. TOTAL - 8 picks

Even before any projections of awarded compensatory picks in the 2025 NFL Draft, the LA Rams are looking at a pretty robust number of picks. Once more, the Rams are looking at a draft with four picks in the first two days, as well as the Rams projected to make a selection in Day 1 of the draft. That is something the Rams have not done since the Rams united HC Sean McVay with GM Les Snead. Will the Rams stand with a pick in Round 1? Will the Rams try to leverage a future draft pick for present day help?

Or will the Rams leverage a Round 1 pick to trade back for more picks?

Historically, the Rams comfort in trading back in any given NFL Draft does more than add draft picks to the coffers. Thanks to the compensation formulae of rookies, the later a player is selected in the NFL Draft, the lower their compensation package. Since the draft is not a certainty in drafting players who will start in the NFL, the Rams willingness to trade picks for players or to move back in the draft gives the team a better chance of getting more bang for the buck.

So what of the Rams drafts beyond 2025?