Rich Eisen believes the LA Rams could return to the NFL Playoffs if this happens

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The NFL Playoffs often include a kaleidoscope of teams who crash the party as new entrants into postseason play, and the LA Rams are certainly one of the teams who were not part of the dramatic competition last year. Does that mean that it's the Rams' turn once more? Perhaps, perhaps not.

It does mean that the LA Rams have the potential to compete in the NFL Playoffs. Of course, that means that the Rams must stay healthy and win more games than the team loses. That is a feat that a Sean McVay coached Rams roster has done five out of six times.

So are these LA Rams an NFL postseason contender? While that would be an incredible performance for this young team, it's not so far-fetched that the possibility is not being discussed. And one of the NFL insiders who is leading the discussion is none other than Rich Eisen. who hosts his very own Rich Eisen Show.

Top 5 NFL teams make NFL Playoffs this year

On a recent episode of the Rich Eisen Show, Eisen shared his Top 5 NFL teams list held a few surprises who will compete in the NFL Playoffs. He shared his picks in the Tweet below, and justified his choices with some sound facts and logical reasoning.

So who are the five teams he believes will make the playoffs in 2023? Here we go:

  1. New York Jets
  2. Detroit Lions
  3. LA Rams
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. Atlanta Falcons

He believes that starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, starting wide receiver Cooper Kupp, and starting defensive lineman Aaron Donald will be healthy and be back to optimal form this season. From everything we've seen this far, he could very well be right.

We know that WR Cooper Kupp is the best in the NFL right now, and a healthy full season could likely return him to chasing down the NFL record books once more. We know that defensive lineman Aaron Donald is a wrecking ball at the line of scrimmage and that the Rams have surrounded him with a group of young padawans eager to learn from the Jedi master of devastation. We also know that if he is healthy and protected, veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford is truly elite.

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Will the Rams roster remain healthy this season? Will the Rams schedule prove to be too difficult? There is a great deal of uncertainty about the LA Rams and the 2023 NFL season. Still, there is one thing that is certain. If the Rams stay healthy, this team is still built to shock the NFL. That is no secret, as Rich Eisen is already shouting it from the mountaintops.