Ringing endorsements for Rams DC Morris as NFL HC go viral on social media

Raheem Morris, Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
Raheem Morris, Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Rams are focused upon the job at had, which is winning their Wild Card Round contest of the 2024 NFL Playoffs against the Detroit Lions. But even as the Rams, and the fans, prepare for a tough contest that will determine whether the Rams will advance to the Divisional Round, or simply return home, there are other football matters that are in need of some discussion.

The candidacy of LA Rams DC Raheem Morris for a number of NFL head coaching positions that are available this offseason is significant. So significant that we looked over five NFL team opportunities as logical fits for Morris to become their new head coach. While not every fan appreciated our multi-tasking, the truth remains that Morris could be hired away from the Rams pretty quickly.

And we all simply need to prepare for that moment, if and when it occurs.

If Morris truly needed endorsements from reputable players and coaches to be given bona-fide consideration for any number of head coaching positions, he most certainly has them already. But just in case you have not been paying attention recently, more and more NFL personalities are beginning to weigh in on his behalf. And LA Rams COO Kevin Demoff has been kind enough to summarize just a few of the names who have done so:

Peter Schrager, NFL Network Analyst and Insider, featured Raheem Morris as one of the NFL's top candidates to land an NFL head coaching position this year.

And then, All Pro Bobby Wagner III caught wind of the topic, and he opted to weigh in as well. That is pretty significant, as Wagner played for the Seahawks this season, was only with the LA Rams for one season, and felt so strongly about Raheem Morris that he added his voice to the endorsements:

While LA Rams fans have not exactly been as strong in their appreciation and endorsement of Morris as NFL coaches and players, many of the positive attributes that he possesses that make him so effective for the Rams are lost to the fans. His personality fills a room with positivity. He is an incredible communicator. He is kind to everyone on the team, regardless of role. But best of all, he knows the NFL and has been a head coach before.

And the list of endorsements continues to grow:

The LA Rams have one of the most respected defensive coordinators in the NFL right now. Perhaps, after he is hired as a head coach for some new NFL team, fans will see him in that light as w