Seahawks might have stolen a Rams draft pick right out from under them

Texas v Houston
Texas v Houston / Tim Warner/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Rams hope that they got a solid player with their first-round selection of Jared Verse. That will make what we're about to discuss a lot less annoying if Verse does go on to succeed.

According to former NFL running back and Rams color analyst Maurice Jones-Drew, the Rams had their eyes on Byron Murphy II, who went three picks before to division rival Seattle. In an article written by Zac Hereth of Seattle Sports, Jones-Drew said that the Rams were going to select Murphy with the 19th pick if he was still on the board.

“I know the Rams were going to take Byron Murphy if you guys didn’t."

While the Rams still got what they hope to be a heavy-hitter in Verse three picks later, it'll still hurt if Murphy goes on to ball out knowing that A) He could have been a Ram and B) He's wearing a Seahawks uniform.

Rams planned to take Byron Murphy but Seahawks nabbed him before they had a chance

Don't get me wrong, Verse is still an excellent pick for LA and the run on offensive players helped teams like them and the Seahawks get fantastic defensive players as late as they did. That being said, since Murphy didn't end up a Ram, fans will be hoping that he doesn't succeed and that Verse comes out as the better player and pick.

If the opposite happens, that will be a tough pill for Rams fans to swallow knowing he could have been donning the blue and yellow but ended up with a hated rival instead. Let's hope we don't have to worry about that.