Seahawks scoop up floundering Rochell: Intel or for his potential?

Robert Rochell Los Angeles Rams
Robert Rochell Los Angeles Rams / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

It was clear from what I had witnessed from young LA Rams defensive back Robert Rochell in preseason games that he was not going to make the LA Rams roster. It was, however, a bit of a surprise that he was unable to generate enough interest from the LA Rams coaching staff for him to secure a spot on the Rams practice squad.

Other defensive backs, who struggled on the Rams roster in preseason games, made the jump over to the practice squad. In fact, some looked lost on the football field. But they still had something that Rochell had lost in the Rams organization. The Rams coaching staff believed that they had the potential to do better, much better.

The no longer saw potential to improve in Robert Rochell.

What do the Seattle Seahawks see in Robert Rochell?

With the season opener against the LA Rams, who could fault the Seahawks for tryijng to get a competitive advantage? So adding a defensive back to their practice squad to tune up their offense to face the new and improved (we hope) Rams offense before Game 1 arrives is merely good business sense.

But perhaps they see that which Robett Rochell lost in his time with the LA Rams defense? Perhaps they see the flicker of hope of his NFL potential once more?

Competition is fierce in the NFL. and like it or not, coaches are subject to bias just like teachers. If a player is drafted, he often gets the benefit of the doubt. But once a player fails to take advantage of opportunities, or arrives undrafted, they must work that much harder to not only show up on the football field, but to make a lasting positive impression on the coaching staff.

And sometimes no matter how well you show up in preseason games, the writing is already on the wall, So it is that Robert Rochell now has a change of address. Perhaps he will regain the trust of a coaching staff and his NFL career will reignite.

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For now, he will have a limited shelf life unless he can make positive plays for the Seahawks early in the season. He can do that, as he showed remarkable promise in his rookie season. But even with a positive first impression, he will need to deliver over the long hau.

He couldn't do that with the LA Rams. Perhaps he will with the Rams rival.