Sebastian Joseph Day prepares to face the LA Rams in 2023 NFL season finale

Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Chargers, Sebastian Joseph-Day
Detroit Lions v Los Angeles Chargers, Sebastian Joseph-Day / Harry How/GettyImages

He began his NFL career with the LA Rams. Now, he opposes them in the last game on the 2023 Rams schedule. Is this just another day in the life of DT Sebastian Joseph-Day? Not if he has anything to say about it.

When the LA Rams allowed Sebastian Joseph Day (SJD) to test his worth in the 2022 NFL Free Agency market, there was no way that either the Rams or the former nose tackle could have predicted the scenario that is unfolding in the final game of the 2023 NFL season. After all, SJD signed a multi-year contract to play for the Los Angeles Chargers, and for his former defensive coordinator Brandon Staley, who would be hired to lead the Chargers in 2021.

But as the saying goes, another nickname for the NFL is Not For Long, and that is the case for Brandon Staley has head coach of the Chargers, and SJD as a defensive tackle on their roster.

SJD was released after playing 14 games with the Chargers this season, and after the Chargers unceremoniously fired their head coach, Brandon Staley. Some hope that the Rams will find an open coaching spot for Staley in the 2024 offseason. But it is Sebastian Joseph-Day who will impact the LA Rams first.

SJD was signed by the San Francisco 49ers as a depth move to their roster. So far, he has played in one game, but he will likely get some rotational use as the 49ers compete in the NFL Playoffs. Don't forget, Sebastian Joseph-Day was on the Rams roster when the team won Super Bowl LVI. Now, he hopes that his presence is enough to beat the odds again.

But this game holds far more importance to SJD than merely a chance to play football and revisit some former teammates. Like many mid-season signings, SJD is only under contract with the 49ers through the end of the 2023 NFL season. That means that Week 18 could very likely be the last time that he competes for the 49ers, and may need to consider Week 18 as his audition for 31 other NFL teams.

The 49ers had a loaded defensive line before adding SJD, and it's unlikely that his performance will compel the 49ers defense to redirect defensive snaps his way. And even though I am a fan of Sebastian Joseph Day, I won't be cheering for him in Week 18. The San Francisco 49ers may be the top-seeded team in the NFC, but they are still the LA Rams rivals.