Senior Bowl Director Jim Nagy: "4th round guys can contribute right away"

Reese's Senior Bowl
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Do the LA Rams want to draft another wide receiver in 2024? When do the Rams NOT have the wide receiver position on their draft shopping list? The team is led by Head Coach Sean McVay, a coach whose football history included playing wide receiver in his college days. Over the years, I have come to simply accept the team's efforts to pack the receiver room full each season without protest.

Eventually, injuries happen. Trades are made. Players are cut.

What starts each season with the anxious questions of how will the team involve so many receivers eventually transitions to the anxious questions of whether or not the remaining receivers on the Rams roster will stay healthy and productive enough to see the team through to the end of the season.

2024 NFL Draft WR depth is promising

There are 257 draft picks schedule for the 2024 NFL Draft. As of today, March 7, approximately 25 rookie wide receiver prospects have a Round 4 grade or better. The draft has 134 selections scheduled through four rounds, which means that nearly 19 percent of the first four rounds of players selected in this year's draft are expected to be wide receivers.

Now, here is where it gets both fun and very interesting

Reese Senior Bowl Director Jim Nagy is a great follow on social media. He routinely shares unsolicited analysis regarding some of the nation's top regarded college football players. Because he has pulled together the Senior Bowl each year, he has developed a fine eye for detecting talent among players.

And he claims that the 2024 NFL Draft receiver group is so loaded that guys selected on Day 3 can contribute to their respective teams right away:

If the latest Rams rumors are correct, the team is eager to add quality talent to the wide receiver room this season. As of right now, their options of finding a rookie prospect who can contribute immediately to the team's season are more likely in the neighborhood of 40 if you add the potential to become a kick and/or punt returner for the team.

Will the front office shoot for the stars? Or will personnel execs and scouts be content to settle for a lot of bunt singles, rather than swinging for the fences? In 2020, the Rams made it a point to add a significant number of talented receivers after the draft. Is that part of the master plan this year?

In the words of Reese Senior Bowl Director Jim Nagy:

"4th round guys can contribute right away"

Sr. Bowl Director Jim Nagy

That's a good thing, because whether you are onboard or not, do not be surprised if the Rams add to the receiver room in 2024.