Senior Bowl Director Jim Nagy believes 2025 NFL Draft class will be deep

Reese's Senior Bowl, Jim Nagy
Reese's Senior Bowl, Jim Nagy / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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During the 2024 NFL Draft, I often read the comments on social media and NFL forums that the need for the team to get busy selecting rookie prospects was this year, because next year's draft was presumably less robust in terms of talent level and or quantity of NFL ready prospects. At the time, that didn't seem to be correct.

In all honesty, it seemed to run against the comments of many draft analysts who had studied both the 2024 and the 2025 drafts. After all, the 2024 NFL Draft projected both Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders and Texas QB Quinn Ewers to appear on this year's draft board, and both opted to return to college football for another year in the NCAA.

That sets up the 2025 NFL Draft to be loaded at the quarterback position once more. Am I kidding? Not in the least. Just check out this list of projected 2025 quarterback prospects who are due to participate in next year's draft:

That is a pretty robust list of potential future NFL quarterbacks. When you consider that two on the list were already highly coveted prospects up for the 2024 NFL Draft, and that neither is projected to be the top quarterback prospect for the 2025 NFL Draft, you can see how eager some NFL teams are to have a crack at selecting one to their roster next off-season.

Will the Rams be shopping for a quarterback in the 2025 NFL Draft? I think it is unrealistic at this point to say no. Both Jimmy Garoppolo and Dresser Winn are on expiring contracts, and the team has shown little success in extending backup quarterbacks in the past. Whether from the NFL Free Agency market, the 2025 NFL Draft , or the NFL waiver wire, the Rams will most certainly be in the market for quarterback help.

But before leaping into the 2025 NFL Draft any further, let's pause a moment and investigate why so many prospects remained in the NCAA as long as their eligibilty holds out?