Several Rams hidden benefits from UCLA's latest coaching hire

Eric Bieniemy, Washington Commanders
Eric Bieniemy, Washington Commanders / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

One of the unspoken benefits of the Los Angeles Rams organization is its location in Los Angeles, California. It's located in one of the most pleasant football climates in the entire nation. While summers can prove to be a bit warm and overly sunny, the winters are mild and seldom at the whim of the elements.

But Los Angeles, California is also home to two powerhouse college football programs. Both UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans call Los Angeles home as well, and both programs have had significant success on the football field, as well as developing high school football players into NFL coveted prospects.

Right now, the path to true professional football athlete has become far more likely and intriguing, thanks to the latest hire of Coach Eric Bieniemy to the role of UCLA Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator:

In the collegiate arms race, USC (UCLA's fiercest rival) had pulled away with the hiring of former LA Rams DL Coach/Run Game Coordinator/and USC's new Co-Defensive Coordinator Eric Henderson. Coach Henny is one of the best coaches in the NFL, and his hiring by USC not only allows him to interact with young men who will certainly benefit from his trademark #DAWGWORK (Discipline, Attitude, Work-ethic, Grit) but who can transform into leading NFL defenders under his tutelage.

Now rival UCLA has answered back, with one of their own NFL coaches with a stellar reputation. New UCLA Associate Head Coach/OC Eric Bieniemy will deliver a similar level of excellence to the UCLA offense and offensive players as well. Which NFL team is positioned to benefit most from this sudden Southern California collegiate arms race?

Well, the LA Rams will almost certainly enjoy the results.

Not only will the best and brightest in college football be lured to compete in the Rams' backyard, but the opportunity to take a quick field trip to see how well both UCLA and USC players are doing on the football field is doable daily. Perhaps best of all, one of the brightest offensive coaches in the NFL is now in the LA Rams neighborhood.

Even the chance to talk offensive strategy and philosophy with Coach Eric Bienemy just became far easier for LA Rams coaches.

I am surprised at just how quickly UCLA responded to USC's hiring of the very capable Coach Henderson. But even I, a staunch Coach Henny believer, can see that their hiring of Coach Bieniemy is one that will once more even the playing field.

And that will almost certainly bring great football talent into the backyard of the Los Angeles Rams football team.