Shocked? LA Rams make a surprising trade for this Steelers player. But why?

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I: Kevin Dotson is impervious as a pass blocker

Forget depth charts and pedigrees, LA Rams Offensive Line Coach Ryan Wendell knows that his job and future with the LA Rams means that he must manufacture one of the best pass blocking offensive lines in the NFL. And from the glimpses that we had seen so far, the Rams were not quite to the level worthy of risking his reputation to stand behind.

But writing in Kevin Dotson's name as a Rams starting offensive lineman may just do the trick. You see, as a rookie for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2020, Kevin Dotson did not allow a single QB pressure. That is a record for a rookie offensive lineman. But it gets better folks.

Rams OL suddenly looking big and beefy

With the introduction of Kevin Dotson, who had started primarily at left guard, the LA Rams may need to reconfigue their offensive line a bit. But how will it all shake out? While there are plenty of iterations running freely on social media, here is my best guesstimation of who will start on the LA Rams offensive line this season, and where:

  • Name - Position - Height - Weight
  • Alaric Jackson - LT - 6-foot-7 - 335 pounds
  • Kevin Dotson - LG - 6-foot-4 - 321 pounds
  • Coleman Shelton - C - 6-foot-4 - 299 pounds
  • Steve Avila - RG - 6-foot-3 - 332 pounds
  • Rob Havenstein - RT - 6-foot-8 - 330 pounds

If the LA Rams go with this configuration, or any configuration, to start the 2023 NFL season, I already understand that the lack of practice time together will make this group susceptible to blitzes and defensive line stunts until they work out their chemistry, coordination, and communication.

But having examined all of the factors, this move does make complete sense. The magic happens on offense for the LA Rams this season, and the magic dust in how well the Rams offensive line protects veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford.

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The Rams may have paid a pretty significant price for Kevin Dotson, but I think of it this way. If the LA Rams front office chose wisely, the Rams will play better this season and the cost of trading for Dotson will come down as a result.