Shockingly, fans seem to agree on 1 of 2 players as top choice for Rams Draft at 19

2013 NFL Draft, Roger Goodell
2013 NFL Draft, Roger Goodell / Al Bello/GettyImages
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At this time of year, it's rare to find a consensus among LA Rams fans. So that is why it seems newsworthy to share that the fanbase appears to be reaching a consensus of sorts over who the team should select with their first Round 1 draft pick in eight years. With the 19th pick of the 2024 NfL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams select . . .

Aw, that would be too easy wouldn't it?

The mere fact of the team finally stepping up to an NFL Draft podium on Day 1 of any NFL draft event after an eight-year hiatus that was self-imposed is cause enough to truly celebrate. Much like the 10-7 performance of the 2023 NFL season, the LA Rams find themselves in a wonderful, and unexpected, place.

That is not to say that the team is unprepared for what comes next. After all, eight years is a long time to prepare for a moment that theoretically can land the team's roster not only a Day 1 starter, but someone whose NFL career can rise to the heights of an NFL Pro Bowl, or even All-Pro, honor down the road. That is the task for the team's front office: Peer into the history and eyes of hundreds of hopeful college football players and perceive which one wants it so badly that passion dwarfs even lofty talent.

It worked in 2023, and many believe that a similar strategy will yield similar results in 2024.

So, who can bring about that type of certainty? Well, the ideal candidate not only needs to possess undeniable talent that has shown up on the football field, but must convince scouts and personnel executives, and even coaches, that the on-field production was no fluke. Rather, it was just a sampling of things to come in the NFL.

More evidence will be collected throughout the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

From the eyes of Rams fans, two prospects have convincingly performed to that level. One is a rising star in the 2024 NFL Draft, and another is a falling star. Which one will wear the Horns in 2024? Let's investigate: