Shockingly, fans seem to agree on 1 of 2 players as top choice for Rams Draft at 19

2013 NFL Draft, Roger Goodell
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Toledo DB is skyrocketing

The immense pressure for the LA Rams secondary in 2024 is going to be very significant. And that pressure-cooker type of season that lies on the horizon is going to be very difficult for any rookie defensive back to endure. Even in the face of the team's 2023 rookie class success, this year's draft class faces an entirely new set of circumstances that can be summed up in one word.


Finding the right defensive back who can arrive, learn the team's defense, and flourish in his first NFL season despite facing star quarterbacks and receivers for the first timeis going to take a very special young man. And yet, many Rams fans believe that this young man will not only be able to handle a starting role in those pressure-cooker conditions, he will flourish in them.

Of course, we are talking about the defensive back that everyone seems to be talking about rightr now, the 6-foot-0, 195-pound defensive back out of Toledo, Quinyon Mitchell.

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Mitchell may not have been on everyone's radar prior to the 2024 Reese's Senior Bowl competition, but his performance throughout practice leading up to the game changed all of that. Some of the most reputable NFL draft scouts noted Mitchell's performance in unprompted and unconditional praise for the defensive back. Best of all, he was awarded top honors by his peers, a true honor among honors for any NFL rookie hopeful in days leading up to the draft.

And Rams fans noticed too.

The Rams are looking for a top-tier defensive back with elite coverage skills, who is durable and savvy, who can pick off passes, and can deliver run support. Quinyon MItchell checks all of the boxes, and has proven to be one of the best prospects in this draft class in on-field competition.

He is a versatile defensive back, able to slide to outside or slot depending on the needs of the team and the situation of any given play. His ability to perceive and process the play as it unfolds around him is what makes him so unique, as he excels at being where the ball is going before or in stride with the receiver.

Before quarterbacks feared him, he was able to generate five interception in 2022, two as pick sixes. In 2023, his reputation ended hurlers willingness to test him, and interceptions fell to one. Best of all, he is incredibly powerful for a defensive back, as the oohs and ahhs over his bench press ability will likely be the talk of the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine this year.

As a cornerback prospect, he is as tenacious as an artic blast, as swift as a bolt of lightning, as surprising as a snow squall, and as powerful as a flood-fueled raging river. He harnesses the forces of Mother Nature and dispenses that fury on the football field. It's no wonder fans love him.