So close and yet so far. LA Rams Tremayne Anchrum likely starts 2023 as backup

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Hunter Long, Ben Skowronek, Tremayne Anchrum Jr, Alaric Jackson
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout Hunter Long, Ben Skowronek, Tremayne Anchrum Jr, Alaric Jackson / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

It's hard to judge offseason moves until you get the final image, but for LA Rams offensive lineman Tremayne Anchrum Jr., even a fuzzy image is not very flattering in the context of his making a run at starting for the Rams offensive line this season. That may be disappointing for some LA Rams fans, but it's close to heartbreaking for Tremayne Anchrum Jr.

If you have not taken the time to check out Tremayne Anchrum in an interview, then you have been missing out. While I think that Anchrum is a high-IQ offensive lineman, his demeanor and thoughtfulness shine forth as he measures and chooses his words in conversations, discussions, and interviews.

Check out his interview embedded in the Tweet below. He is a gifted speaker, a player who understands his role and the importance of playing as an NFL offensive guard.

While the LA Rams have trained and practiced in the face of heated competition, the opportunity for starting on the Rams offensive line is not something that simply comes due to seniority.

How does Anchrum's role change with Dotson's arrival?

Before the Rams traded for Steelers IOL Kevin Dotson, the Rams would likely have opted to start Tremayne Anchrum Jr. at right guard. So does that trade actually improve the LA Rams offense, and the offensive line specifically?

Yes, it does. With Dotson onboard, the LA Rams do not need to force the square pegs of Logan Bruss, Brian Allen, or Joe Noteboom into the round holes of the Rams roster needs. With Dotson aboard, that allows the Rams to slide Tremayne Anchrum Jr. into a backup offensive lineman role for the right side of the Rams offensive line.

And the recent injury to Tampa Bucs Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen, the Rams could have the option to trade Brian Allen to the Bucs to help fill their void. The LA Rams are all about improving each week. While he may not be a starter, do not lose sight of the fact that he could be called into service instantly

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Stay tuned. The LA Rams roster is about to explode with new reports.