Solid reasons why Rams are painted into corner over ILB Ernest Jones extension

The Rams are painted into the corner over extending Ernest Jones. But why have they deliberately chosen to put themselves into this position?
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams ILB Ernest Jones
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams ILB Ernest Jones / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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Finagling a financially fit future

What defines the ability of one NFL team to hoist a Lombardi Trophy, while others struggle to find success at all? You could argue that it's a marketing ploy of the NFL, a pre-scripted set of outcomes that, similar to the WWE, is meant to artificially create on-field drama to optimize fans entertainment. But that cannot be it.

You could point to the quality of coaches in the NFL, and argue that some coaches simply have a better process, teaching methods, and ability to communicate with and motivate players more effectively than others. And in many ways, that is part of the answer. How else could LA Rams HC Sean McVay lead a band of merry men and NFL outcasts to the NFL Playoffs just one year after tumbling to a injury-riddled record of 5-12?

But the main distinction between superb NFL teams and those that struggle starts with their financial foundation. Since all NFL teams have a hard cap in place, how is it that some teams always seem to be in the hunt for another NFL Championship ring, while others seem to repeat at drafting rookies among the Top-10 picks on an annual basis?

It's simple. Money matters.

It seems to come down to how well, and where, teams spend those limited salary cap dollars. If you notice, teams with a rookie quarterback can skyrocket to the NFL Playoffs because they have a QB under a bargain priced rookie contract. Right now, the San Francisco 49ers are enjoying the economically priced starter Brock Purdy to invest heavily in the rest of their roster.

But when Brock Purdy gets paid, the gravy train will run dry for the rest of their roster.