Some Day 1 keys to watch for impact on LA Rams draft

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Will more than 2 running backs be chosen in Round 1?

We know that Texas RB Bijon Robinson and Alabama RB Jahmyr Gibbs are expected to be selected in Round 1. Will more rushers come off the board? Will fewer? Do the LA Rams see running back as a position to be strengthened in the 2023 NFL Draft?

The fewer number of players chosen in Round 1 at running back, the more likely NFL-starting caliber talent will fall to the LA Rams on Day 2. That could mean that the Rams move to add a versatile rusher to stock now and promote next season if RB Cam Akers leaves.

Running back would be an excellent value for the Rams if they can trade back and in the process pick up an additional pick in Round 4. But will the Rams find a team willing to trade up in the draft? That's where it remains to be seen.

How many tight ends are chosen in Round 1?

Unlike many rookie draft classes, the tight end position depth in the 2023 draft class is both talented and deep. The top 3 rookie tight ends in this class are Luke Musgrave out of Oregon, Dalton Kincaid out of Oregon, and Michael Mayer out of Notre Dame. Will they all be selected in Round 1?

If not, then you could expect the LA Rams look long and hard at adding a tight end as early as the 36th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft. But the Rams could add a tight end in Round 3 as well, as long as the talent is there. Keep an eye on Tucker Kraft, a 6-foot-5 254-pound tight end who has a fine combination of both catching and blocking skills that the Rams will surely want to add to the roster.