Spoiler Alert: 3 shocking surprises in store for LA Rams fans in 2024

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Spoiler III: Hey, who is that little running back?

When it comes to crowd pleasers, the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are not exactly the type of folks who give warm and fuzzy receptions to players. Hey, the East Coast crowd can be the toughest to play for. If you are not giving your all, and more importantly, playing with a passion that rivals that of the fans in the stands, they will rain boos upon you.

But when it comes to backup running back Boston Scott, well he was a crowd favorite. And there are good reasons why:

Football fans have the same mindset, no matter what area of the country they call home. For RB Boston Scott, he was not a starter, per se. But he was the type of performer who gave fans plenty of reasons to be optimistic if he was tapped for a significant role. He was so effective when he competed for the Eagles against their NFC East Divisional rivals, the New York Giants, that he became affectionately known as the "Giant Killer."

Translated, that is a true badge of honor. And that originated from a fan base that has a tough reputation of booing anyone on the field who is not giving their all. So let that sink in for just a moment. A little running back who a tough crowd loves. Hmmm.

Scott sought a physical team. Wait, what?

If you have any reservations about newly signed running back Boston Scott, perhaps this will get you on board. When he was shopping his wares in the 2024 NFL Free Agency market, he directed his interest to the LA Rams because, as he stated in his own words:

"I can remember last year, I was not getting any opportunities, so I kind of had some time to like sit back and really watch teams. The Rams kind of stood out as far as the physicality. I just remembered them being very physical, they stayed in it the whole time, they did not lay down. So that type of mindset, that type of mentality, I think it is just so important as you go throughout a long season"

Boston Scott

It's not only quite refreshing to hear a running back seek out a team that is physical and fights from start to finish, but to hear that the Rams stood out in that category is a rare tribute to the new strategy taken by the team.

You can expect to see Boston Scott in a number of roles for the team this season. Scott is almost certainly the main kickoff and punt return specialist for the team this season. That's just fine, because the guy has filled that role competently and confidently for the Eagles over the past six seasons. With the new kickoff rules in place for 2024, having a headsy veteran in the role will pay off huge dividends over the course of a season.

If that was the only area Scott brings to the team, he is already a bargain. But he is a tough-minded competitor in the backfield as well. In 302 carries, he has churned out 1,295 yards on the ground, and 16 rushing touchdowns. averaging 4.3 yards per carry. But Scott is also a dangerous safety valve receiver, hauling in 71 of 90 passes for 566 yards, 23 first downs, and one touchdown. His career catch rate is a sensational 78.9 percent.

He will be coming in off the bench for the Rams in 2024, whether on special teams or in a rotational role. But you can bet he is coming into each game with a tough-minded attitude.