Spoiler Alert: 3 shocking surprises in store for LA Rams fans in 2024

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Spoiler II: When did DB Darious Williams get THIS good?

When the LA Rams claimed defensive back Darious Williams off the Baltimore Ravens waiver wire, the plan was to add depth to a secondary that had begun to wobble a bit due to injuries. But the team discovered that Williams was not only a capable starting cornerback, but that he was perfectly suited to handle the elevated number of targerts thrown his way. That was due to opposing quarterback throwing away from All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey.

After winning Super Bowl LVI, the team had limited funds and earmarked much of that surplus cash to re-sign veteran OLB Von Miller. Unfortunately, he was lured away by the Buffalo Bills, and in the meantime Darious Williams had already signed on with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Williams would go on to showcase his pass defense dominance in the AFC South, and continued to prove that the Rams confidence in his ability to start in an NFL secondary was appropriate. In fact, he played so well that in many ways, you could argue that the team made a mistake in not extending him after the Super Bowl winning season.

You see, Darious Williams has been busy for the Jags defense:

The challenge with any lookback at Darious Williams chapter in the Rams secondary is that he was paired up with Jalen Ramsey. While that often meant he would take the second wide receiver of opposing offenses, it also meant that most of the targets would be coming his way. At first glance at the team's secondary configuration for 2024, that will likely not be the case.

With fewer targets, Williams will have a bit more flexibility to aid his teammates, bait opposing quarterback into making unwise throws, and then pouncing on the football as he is so adept at doing. In the past five NFL seasons, he has picked off 10 passes, averaging two interceptions per season.

I believe that he could match or beat his career high of four interceptions in this secondary in 2024. The Rams have amassed a very competent group of defensive backs who all exhibit skullduggery and cut purse traits. Opposing quarterbacks will be hard pressed to launch a football into the Rams secondary, because every defender believes that any football in the air is fair game.

Perhaps some fans have forgotten just how good Darious Williams plays in pass coverage. Grab your popcorn, put your cellphone on airplane mode, because he is about to remind everyone just how good he is.