Stefon Diggs trade ripple effects could pay off big for the LA Rams

Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills
Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

The LA Rams suddenly find themselves in prime position to profit from the mistakes of others.

The balance of power in the AFC has just suffered an earthquake that can only be described as a 7.0 on the Richter scale of the NFL landscape. An earthquake of that magnitude is described as one that "causes serious damage over large areas." That damage I'm talking about is the benefit that the Houston Texans have received from the Buffalo Bills today.

All teams in the AFC South have awakened to find themselves in an all out NFL Divisional arms race. In fact, almost all AFC teams with aspirations of competing in the 2025 NFL Playoffs must answer this sudden boost to the Texans roster somehow.

But what of the Buffalo Bills? The Bills enter the 2024 NFL Draft with 11 picks, but much like the picks owned by Rams, have a gaping hole in their draft in Round 3 but two picks in Round 4. is there a possibility of a trade between the two teams?

If the Bills covet a wide receiver who falls to the 19th overall pick, and if the Rams are willing to trade back, here is a possible draft day trade that could allow both teams to emerge as winners:

Bills Rams draft trade

Curiously, the 2024 NFL Trade value chart gives the Bills a slight advantage in terms of overall value of the picks (1050 for Bills, vs. 1043.5 for Rams). But the Rams will love the chance to remain in Round 1 (albeit nine spots later) and surrendering one pick in Round 3 while picking up an additional pick in Round 2 and two picks in Round 4.

If the Bills are unwilling to trade up in the NFL Draft at such a high cost, then perhaps they would be interested in trading for LA Rams WR Tutu Atwell? The Bills had success with former WR Cole Beasley, and Tutu Atwell is a similar style receiver. I believe that the Rams would give serious consideration if the Bills dangled their Round 4 pick (128th overall) in front of the Rams to acquire Atwell.

In either scenario, the Buffalo Bills need to quickly ramp up their wide receiver room, and the LA Rams seem like a logical source for options to do so.

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