Stetson Bennett's imperfections make him perfectly suited for Rams in 2024

True champions get knocked down, because their tale begins as they get back up . . .
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Jimmy Garoppolo, Matthew Stafford, Dresser Winn, Stetson Bennett
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Jimmy Garoppolo, Matthew Stafford, Dresser Winn, Stetson Bennett / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Football passion is a powerful force

In 2023, the LA Rams hit upon a cheat code that became a principal driving force for the entire Rams roster that year. As the team turned to veteran DT Aaron Donald and relayed to him their plans to take the team's roster down to the studs and rework the majority of the team, Donald had just one request, a request that was both simple and yet profound:

"I am good. Just make sure they care"

Rams DT Aaron Donald

And in that simple request, the Rams scouts and personnel department were given a commandment that would prove to be as powerful as the invention of the nuclear reactor:

What followed in the 2023 NFL Draft was a group of rookies that had unparalleled success. It was the type of rookie class that the Rams team needed, with five rookies stepping up to not only earn starting roles, but to flourish in those role so well that they appeared to be seasoned veterans. Passion, it seems, is a great indicator for NFL teams to assess just how committed rookie prospects will be to the lengthy and arduous task that transforms them from football players to professional football players.

That process hits differently for each position on an NFL team, and for each player who competes at each position. Some players embrace the grind as just one more day of football. Others sense the headwinds that they must overcome along the way for their journey to realize their spot on an NFL team roster. For many players, headwinds can become too great, and derail that prospects dream of an NFL career.

For former Georgia rookie quarterback prospect Stetson Bennett, headwinds have come each and every year of his college career. He simply needed to seek shelter against the wind.