Stripe Hype intel: Will LA Rams face Bengals QB Joe Burrow or Jake Browning?

What did a Bengals writer have to say about this matchup?
Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Trenton Irwin, Russ Yeast II
Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals Trenton Irwin, Russ Yeast II / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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If you want to know about a subject, you go to the subject matter expert. So in light of the LA Rams Week 3 contest on Monday Night Football against the Cincinnati Bengals, we tapped into our own FanSided Bengals expert Leigh Oleszczak, who is the site-expert for the FanSided Bengals website, Stripe Hype.

And so that is just what we did. Well, it was a matter of exchanging perspectives, as I was asked to respond to a series of questions that Stripe Hype posed about this Super Bowl LVI rematch. And so, you can catch those responses at this link here. About the final score prediction, that was simply a matter of ensuring that no hubris on my part flirted with changing the outcome of the game. ;)

While only the third game of the NFL season, this contest has a lot of significance for both teams. For the Cincinnati Bengals would help them pull out of the nosedive that has left them not only 0-2 after two games but a far more damaging 0-2 start to the AFC North Division. While the intimidation factor for AFC North teams has waned quite a bit, the Bengals must start stringing together victories to even entertain any hopes for an appearance in the upcoming NFL Playoffs.

For the LA Rams, the matter is a bit more direct. The LA Rams are 1-1 after facing their own NFC West Division rivals: The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. While the Rams record stands at .500, the Rams opponents have a combined record of 4-1. So the question remains, just how good are these LA Rams in 2023?

A victory on the road against the Cincinnati Bengals will go a very long way to solving that riddle. The Rams are a completely different team in terms of postseason aspirations if the team rolls into Indianapolis to take on the Colts with a record of 2-1. That could be the beachhead for the Rams to improve upon, and sustain a .500 or better record over course of the Rams schedule.

But first things first. the Bengals are wounded and dangerous at 0-2. So what are the Rams up against on Monday Night Football?