The Aaron Donald interview that will change the way you see football

Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald
Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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What happens when an elite football player decides to walk away from the game?

There comes a time when the juice is no longer worth the squeeze. Aaron Donald's life was not like a school teacher, working 180 days through the season and then relaxing on exotic beaches drinking tropical drinks under an umbrella the rest of the way. If he was not competing in the football season, he was training 24 by 7 for the next football season. After over 3,653 days of straight training, it's time for a change.

There has been so much written about the accomplishments of Aaron Donald. The football player who redefined the gold standard of defensive lineman for future generations. The elite football player who demanded so very much from himself. The superstar who played larger than life in the brightest lights and on the biggest stages, but who had a special reservoir or heroism for those moments when the game was on the line.

But he was more than a football player. He was the type of gentleman who you love to see prosper because he gives so much back to his community. Aaron Donald did not just elevate himself to the pinnacle of professional football excellence. He left a trail for anyone willing to put in the work to follow and find their path to a new life. There is a reason why Coach Eric Henderson was Aaron Donald's hand-pick DL Coach for the LA Rams. Coach Henny did not cut corners or skate through the fundamentals of the game. Coach Henderson's #DAWGWORK mantra was Aaron Donald's mission statement.

And so, the day that we all knew would come has arrived. We must now make peace with the fact that Aaron Donald, a long time fixture for the LA Rams, will no longer line up on the line of scrimmage.

When the announcement was made, Aaron Donald sat down with his wife Erica Donald, to preserve his thoughts about retirement and the NFL.

This was a special project that only his wife Erica could deliver. After all, she is an accomplished marketting executive who one worked for Kanye West's Donde Sports. She holds a bachelor's degree is mass communication and public relations. And now she is the marketing manager of Aaron Donald.

Wife and business partner. That is the perfect vantage point to hold when documenting an NFL legend's career.