The Aaron Donald interview that will change the way you see football

Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald
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The Aaron Donald interview you will want to save forever

The truth is that Aaron Donald is a bona fide family man. Like many who were born and raised in western Pennsylvania, this was not a story about a man who sought the spotlight nor the riches that eventually found him. Aaron Donald was simply a young man whose father encouraged him to find something that he could be passionate about.

A quiet young man, Donald discovered that when the pads went on and he stepped onto a football field, he found the courage to speak up, to find his voice. Throughout his life from that early age, Donald would find the means to speak through football. Donald played pee wee and little league football, a sport that not only required the participation of a young man but also the commitment from his family to ensure that he was able to attend practices and football games.

In the end, football has always been about family for Aaron Donald.

Aaron Donald's path to the NFL has never been easy. He was viewed as too small. He was viewed as too light. He was view with skepticism throughout the college and draft process. The intensity of beating the odds was not a simple matter of just changing the opinion of one draft scout. Aaron Donald had to internalize the confidence to change the entire industry.

You can tell that the strength of Donald was more than his own. He borrowed the strength of his family as well.

When the rookie became an NFL player, he found a welcome cast of teammates that opened their arms and welcomed him. That set the stage for his own path, welcoming and encouraging his teammates over time.

Aaron Donald is a true force in the NFL. But what he allowed his wife Erica to reveal to fans who view his interview is that Aaron Donald is a grounded fierce competitor who loves to win. After all, isn't that what the NFL is all about?

There is a lot to absorb and unpack from the 75 minute interview. We will undoubtedly refer back to it several times. I certainly enjoyed hearing directly from Aaron Donald, and applaud Erica Donald from asking the tough questions. This was the type of interview that amplified my appreciation of Aaron Donald. I hope you enjoyed it as well.

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