The Boss is back: LA Rams reunite with this fan favorite

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams John Johnson III
Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams John Johnson III / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Few players have been so completely dominating for the LA Rams in the past as John Johnson III. He was the epitome of the tough guy on the Rams' defense that needed an enforcer to elevate the play of everyone around him. He was the glue guy, a tough-hitting safety who could blanket receivers in deep coverage. But perhaps most of all, he filled in the multitude of cracks in the Rams defense, supplying what the team needed most on any given play.

Sometimes wishing gets you nothing. But occasionally, you get exactly what you wished for. That certainly seems to be the case for the LA Rams and John Johnson III's reunion. A scenario that we had just featured recently played out, and the Rams will boast the boss of their secondary once more:

While this is huge news for the Rams secondary, it may be even bigger news for Rams young defensive back Jordan Fuller, whose best season occurred when he teamed up with JJIII to patrol the deep end of the Rams secondary.

I guess you're just what I needed

The Rams have clearly needed a veteran presence in the secondary. Before his signing, the team's senior defensive back was Jordan Fuller, who is himself entering the fourth and final season of his rookie contract.

Of course, while the news of John Johnson's return is huge, it's no guarantee of instant results. The Rams attempted to reunite with former defensive back Troy Hill in 2022, but the results were below expectations.

With Johnson's return, the Rams pass defense has certainly upgraded significantly on paper. With two veteran safeties, and an accomplished star cornerback in Cobie Durant, the Rams will simply need to lock down the cornerbacks. In that regard, veteran Ahkello Witherspoon appears to be a starter for the LA Rams as well.

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If you wanted good news, this certainly qualifies. The Rams 2023 NFL season is still filled with uncertainty, but this latest signing has brightened the chances of success considerably.