The chance for Jonah Jackson to reunite with this player was irresistible

The LA Rams needed one more piece to complete their offensive line set. Here' why former Detroit Lions FA G Jonah Jackson chose the Rams roster.
Jonah Jackson, Detroit Lions
Jonah Jackson, Detroit Lions / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

While I won't claim that every NFL free agent veteran who has the option will automatically direct his agent to sign with the LA Rams football team, some key players seem to have done just that. And in the same breath, I will not claim that players were willing to offer the Rams a discount for their services, you can scan through the 2024 NFL Free Agency market to find clear evidence that the team did indeed get discounted rates from some players.

When it comes to the offensive line, that seems to be the case, as the team not only was able to extend veteran IOL Kevin Dotson, but the team successfully signed the surprisingly available standout veteran left guard Jonah Jackson. Jackson is the four-year veteran left guard from the Detroit Lions, a player who already has earned Pro Bowl honors in 2021.

But Jackson has been hampered by injuries in both 2022 and 2023, a trend he hopes he can reverse this season for the team. While listed at 315 pounds on the Rams' official website, he admits to being 320 pounds now. That means that the offensive line will boast nearly a ton of power-packed fury this season. That is pretty intimidating. Let's break down the team's projected starters:





Alaric Jackson

Left tackle


345 pounds

Jonah Jackson

Left guard


320 pounds

Steve Avila



338 pounds

Kevin Dotson

Right guard


340 pounds

Rob Havenstein

Right Tackle


323 pounds


1,666 pounds

From the Rams perspective, getting bigger and more powerful in the offensive line was a huge endeavor (pun intended) for the team in the past two offseasons. It became clear to the team's coaches and front office that to protect veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, as well as to create running lanes for running back Kyren Williams, the team had to invest in an offensive line that could not only do the job, but withstand the physicality of the job.

Jackson sat down for another episode of Rams OTAs Recap with co-hosts J.B. Long and D'Marco Farr, and conducted a good interview that allowed fans to get solid insight as well as build a bit of enthusiasm for the 2024 NFL season.

Jackson has a pretty solid take for a veteran offensive lineman, and he give his take on the team, his teammates, and his role on this team.

Jackson came to the LA Rams because he took note of what the Rams did in the Wild Card Round of the 2024 NFL Playoffs. He knows how well the team played against his Lions, and is eager to compete on the same offense as starting quarterback Matthew Stafford. Keep in mind that Jackson blocked for Stafford in his rookie season in 2020. It seems that the chance for Jonah Jackson to reunite with his former QB was irresistible.

Some of the highlights of Jackson's performance with the Lions raised the eyebrows of RB Coach Ron Gould and RB Kyren Williams. He is more than a blocker. He is a steam roller that not only keeps his QB safe, but loves to lead running plays.

The Rams got a good one. He say's very little about how well he will perform, and continues to insist that his performance will show up on the football field. That's exactly what I love to hear from players. Just watch and see.

That is exactly what I plan to do. And as always, thank you so much for reading.