The Conductor may have a lot more to say about the Rams defense in 2024

After falling short of DROY in 2023, The Conductor, LA Rams DT Kobie Turner, may have a lot more to say about the Rams defense in 2024
Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Coach Eric Henderson was left stunned and outraged

Even if you argue that my opinion and weighing in on the matter means nothing, you cannot deny the fact that the oversight of the NFL Annual Awards left a bad taste in the mouths of some of the best coaches in the NFL. One coach who has himself been honored as the Best Defensive Line Coach in the NFL, Coach Eric Henderson, was floored by the decision. He rightfully called out the NFL for their undefendable position almost immediately:

Even if you assess Will Anderson's production as equal to or even slightly greater than that of Kobie Turner, (It's not, by the way), you have to give the edge to Turner due to the fact that he competed from a far more difficult position in 2023, the nose tackle spot.

Outside linebackers typically face an offensive tackle, with an occasional double block from a tight end or a chip block from a running back. That is a far cry from a nose tackle who faces an offensive center and guard on practically every play. Turner faced the most double teams of anyone on the Rams roster, and yet still led the team in quarterback sacks.

Even now, as the Rams pivot from 2023 to 2024, nobody is talking about or projecting Kobie Turner to equal or best his rookie numbers. Despite tying the rookie season of DT Aaron Donald, Turner has been replaced by lofty projections from the rookie class of 2024. And yet, Turner is the keystone for the Rams pass rush this season. And rightfully so.