The Conductor may have a lot more to say about the Rams defense in 2024

After falling short of DROY in 2023, The Conductor, LA Rams DT Kobie Turner, may have a lot more to say about the Rams defense in 2024
Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Look for The Conductor to have a huge season in 2024

I love how former nose tackle Kobie Turner is set up for the team this season. While many have already begun to discount The Conductor's second go in the NFL, I am taking the opposite approach. So what about the team and the player fuel even more optimism over the player? Well, I have a lot of factors that I can point to. But in the interest of simplicity and time, let's hone in on three key factors:

III: He is far more familiar with the NFL in 2024

Perhaps the greatest single detriment to any rookies debut is the fact that the player faces a kaleidoscope of simultaneous changes across the spectrum of their lives. As such, even the most intently focused rookies must tune out many distractions simple to learn the playbook, their roles,and become familiar with all of the new people in their lives. That takes a lot of brain power to accomplish.

In Year 2, players have far more brain capacity to dedicate to learning/refamiliarizing themselves with the team and football. That jumpstart in concepts and tasks allows them to make significantly greater progress in the second season.

II: He has far more incentive to not play nice this season

After the type of rookie season that Turner had, and still falling short of prestigious honors, there are basically two options for him this year. He can either accept that the system is rigged against him, and become disenchanted with the game of football that he loves. Or he can embrace that disrespect, and vow to put on the type of second season that nobody can willingly ignore.

We often claim that football players should find a consistent level of play that needn't rely on temporal or episodic events to motivate players. But, what of players who are trying to reach that level of consistency? Wouldn't external forces that positively motivate a player be an advantage? In my opinion, The Conductor put up the type of numbers that certainly warranted DROY honors. This year, the disrespect from his rookie season give him no reason to play nice this year. Look out for an angry defensive tackle in 2024.