The Conductor may have a lot more to say about the Rams defense in 2024

After falling short of DROY in 2023, The Conductor, LA Rams DT Kobie Turner, may have a lot more to say about the Rams defense in 2024
Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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I: He has been promoted from 2nd lieutenant to major on this defense

However else you may see Kobie Turner in 2024, there is little doubt that he has been promoted from the ranks of supporting cast in 2023 to defensive star in 2024. That is an important distinction to make. While there is little expectation to get an Aaron Donald like presence out of Turner in 2024, the defense must rally around someone on the defensive front.

Right now, that rally banner will be carried by Turner.

That shift from a guy to the guy could bring a significant boost to Turner's numbers this season. Because he will no longer be focused at the nose tackle, he will not face as many double teams. That creates a significant advantage as he is one of the fastest and most agile players on the team's defensive front.

While NFL teams have more video footage to prepare how to block him, he will be competing at a new role, and has far more experience at facing NFL offensive linemen. But the ace up his sleeve in 2024 is the fact that the defensive coordinator, Chris Shula, will be focused more on freeing up Turner to wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks.

Don't be lulled into low expectations out of Kobie Turner's second season. While nothing is guaranteed, The Conductor is already showing great maturity and leadership to this defense. By the time the season begins, he will be prepared for the 2024 NFL season.

He was embarrassed by the NFL in losing out on the DROY in 2023. But that will only serve to motivate him this season that much more. I think that the Conductor may have a lot more to say about the Rams' defense in 2024. And I believe that it will be worth listening to.

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