The ideal LA Rams defensive coordinator candidate list keeps on growing

With the exodus of Rams DC Raheem Morris to become the Falcons HC, the Rams start their search for a new defensive leader:

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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Commanders HC Ron Rivera

In our original list of five candidates to take over for Raheem Morris, we suspected that the LA Rams would be interested in interviewing at least one veteran who had been there, and done that. To that end, I anticipated the Rams showing interest in former Eagles DC Sean Desai. It seems that I was on the right bus, but got off at the wrong stop.

The Rams have some interest in interviewing former Panthers and Commanders HC Ron Rivera for their vacated DC role, and after learning that he was rumored to have interviewed by the Rams for the job over the weekend, connecting the dots is pretty easy.

Rivera has 27 years of NFL coaching experience, which is more experience than some candidates have been on the face of the earth. So why would the Rams have any interest in Ron Rivera? Well, let's break it down for you.

The Rams strategy of adding new faces to the coaching staff includes importing new ideas and perspectives. I don't know anyone who could offer a better and different perspective about the LA Rams entire operation than Ron Rivera. He has 13 years of experience as an NFL head coach, and five years of experience as an NFL defensive coordinator. He has chapters with the Washington Commanders, Carolina Panthers, San Diego Chargers, Chicago Bears, and Philadelphia Eagles.

Rivera held the Washington Commanders organization together through one of the NFL's most controversial chapters, the controversial NFL investigation into team owner Dan Snyder, an investigation that culminated with the forced sale of the Commanders. Through it all, Rivera was a calm cool voice of reason.

Rivera has earned plenty of respect in the NFL, has connections in both pro and collegiate football, and has a sharp NFL mind that has been seasoned to a keen edge over years of competition. I'm not two thumbs up on Rivera, but I'm not opposed either.