The ideal LA Rams defensive coordinator candidate list keeps on growing

With the exodus of Rams DC Raheem Morris to become the Falcons HC, the Rams start their search for a new defensive leader:

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
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Cowboys DL Coach Aden Durde

While Dallas Cowboys DL Coach Aden Durde was not on our radar as a potential LA Rams defensive coordinator candidate for 2024, he has been touted as a rising star in NFL coaching circles as early as December 2021 in an NFL article by Scott Pioli. He was one of just seven coordinator candidates in an article that also named LB Coach Jerod Mayo (now New England Patriots HC).

Aden Durde has familiarity with Raheem Morris's defensive style, as he was with Morris on the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff from 2016-2020. He followed Dan Quinn to the Dallas Cowboys in 2021, and has served as the Cowboys DL coach throughout his time there (2021-2023).

Now, he is one of the positional coaches who is getting a lot of attention as a candidate for defensive coordinator on a number of NFL teams:

So who is this guy? Well, Alan Durde is certainly a rising star among NFL coaches, and a young coach who Dan Quinn thought highly enough of to lure him to the Cowboys to join his staff. To that end, here is a video of his debut with the Cowboys that gives an initial fans impression of him:

But what makes him stand out? Well, per the Pioli article, Aden Durde possesses these qualities which are certainly on the Rams checklist for a new defensive coordinator:

  • Smart
  • Hard-working
  • Can connect and communicate with players
  • Tremendous eye for talent
  • Holds players accountable
  • Worked with Raheem Morris for years

Considering the state of the Rams roster, and the fact that the Rams defense is very dependant upon younger players, Durde makes complete sense as a candidate to become the Rams next defensive coordinator. But, there are more candidates in the queue.