The LA Rams offense is failing to deliver, and here's the reason why:

The key to the LA Rams success in 2023 is to have a high-powered offense. But the key to a high-powered offense is running the football, something the LA Rams team is still not very good at doing.

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Is it the quality of opponents that has shunted the Rams offense?

When it comes to the LA Rams offense, opposing defenses know that they will need to defend the pass. If their offense does their job, the Rams will likely abandon the rushing attack voluntarily. If not, well, the Rams rushing offense is simply not set up to carry the Rams to a win.

If you look at the teams that the Rams have faced in 2023, you really do not get a sense of dominating defenses. The Rams have played against the:

  1. Seattle Seahawks - 27.8 PPG offense (6th ranked), 22.8 PPG defense (19th ranked)
  2. San Francisco 49ers - 33.4 PPG offense (2nd ranked), 13.6 PPG defense (1st ranked)
  3. Cincinnati Bengals - 16.6 PPG offense (26th ranked), 22.8 PPG defense (19th ranked)
  4. Indianapolis Colts - 24.0 PPG offense (11th ranked), 23.0 PPG defense (22nd ranked)
  5. Philadelphia Eagles - 28.2 PPG offense (5th ranked), 20.8 PPG defense (13th ranked)

When you examine the LA Rams opponents, you will see that the Rams have faced three Top 10 offenses and yet have only faced one Top-10 defense. That suggest that it is the Rams defense that is playing better than expected, and the Rams offense is struggling to accomplish what was planned for this team.

Curiously, the Rams offense put up 23 points against the San Francisco 49drs and their top ranked defense. The Rams were only able to score 16 points against the 19th-ranked Bengals offense, and just 14 points against the 13th-ranked Eagles offense. Just for the record, the Rams rushed just 13 times against the Cincinnati Bengals. And the Rams rushed just 14 times against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Causal Relationship? I wouldn't go that far. But there is most certainly a correlation between this Rams offense in the number of times the offense runs the football and the number of points that the Rams score. The highest score by this Rams offense was in Week 1 when the team scored 30 points on the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams rushed 40 times in that game.