The LA Rams offense is failing to deliver, and here's the reason why:

The key to the LA Rams success in 2023 is to have a high-powered offense. But the key to a high-powered offense is running the football, something the LA Rams team is still not very good at doing.
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So why isn't this offense putting up points?

The Rams offense comes down to the same basic football fundamentals that impacts all NFL teams. The Rams offense needs to limit turnovers, control the clock, run a balanced offense, and put points on the scoreboard. The problem is that the Rams only seem to manage those basic football fundamentals when the team wins.

So what could be an underlying cause of this team's offensive struggles?

One such problem area that has surfaced is the lack of explosive running plays from this offense. You see, the Rams have only delivered runs of 10 yards or more six times in five games. That is an abysmal 31st place among 32 NFL teams, only better than the Las Vegas Raiders, who have rushed for 10 yards or more just five times this season.

So is it a lack of trying, the inability to generate big time running plays, or some other factor? When you examine the Rams ground assault itself, you find that the Rams have rushed 125 times in five games for 470 yards, averaging out to 3.8 yards per run. But in two wins, the Rams averaged 38 runs for 127.5 yards and 2.5 rushing touchdowns. In three losses, the Rams averaged 16 runs for 71 yards and 0.3 rushing touchdowns.

So has it become so simple for Rams opponents to stop the run to win the game? Nothing is so simplistic, but the Rams place a lot of the burden as to the outcome of games on the shoulders of quarterback Matthew Stafford needlessly. Yes, Stafford can be the catalyst for game winning comebacks.