The LA Rams offense is failing to deliver, and here's the reason why:

The key to the LA Rams success in 2023 is to have a high-powered offense. But the key to a high-powered offense is running the football, something the LA Rams team is still not very good at doing.
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The accomplishments of LA Rams head coach Sean McVay are truly noteworthy. He has been an innovative force of NFL offenses, and those innovations rocketed the LA Rams to NFL relevance when he became the team's head coach in 2017. By 2018, the Rams were competing in Super Bowl LIII.

Still, that was an offense that boasted a premier running back Todd Gurley. The Rams anchored their offensive line with free agent left tackle Andrew Whitworth. That Rams offense was built not just from who the Rams added in 2017, but carried over many of the talented players added from 2016 and prior. It was McVay's machinations on the whiteboard that unlocked all that offensive potential.

But now, it's far too predictable of a matter for defenses to sit back and wait for an errant pass from an impassioned and desperate Rams offense to snag for another turnover. The Rams team is simply not good enough to overcome mistakes, and the team is already running a net turnover rate of (-2) in just five games.

The Rams run when it's convenient to do so. But this Rams team must learn to run the football because they must do so in order to run a balanced offense.

If the Rams truly intend on winning some games, running the football must take center stage. Until defenses respect the Rams ability to run with the football, defenses will continue to tee off on QB Matthew Stafford.

The Rams have to do more on the ground. They have the tools. The Rams have plenty of tight ends who can help block or catch passes. The Rams have two running backs on the active roster who have yet to get a single carry of the football. The Rams have competed against teams that have a combined record of 18-6. To be 2-3 against that level of competition is impressive.

Still, the Rams offense is not holding up its end of the bargain so far this season. Whether fair or not, the Rams need a Top-10 scoring offense to win games this season. To score, the Rams appear to need to run the football.