The LA Rams pass rush must show up in the final two games of 2023

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos, Raheem Morris
Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos, Raheem Morris / Tyler Schank/GettyImages
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The top 2023 rookie edge player

When it comes to the top 2023 rookie edge player, LA Rams outside linebacker Byron Young had been in a league all by himself until he slowed down. That opened the door for rookie OLB Yaya Diaby to catch him with a 1.5 quarterback sack burst to overtake Young for the rookie lead in sacks. For the record, Diaby has 6.5 sacks while Rams Young has 6.0 sacks.

Both rookies were drafted in Round 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft. Young was selected with the 77th overall selection, while Diaby was chosen with the 82nd overall selection. Now, it's Young's turn to answer back.

Young is more than a pass rusher. He makes tackles all over the football field. He has 56 tackles so far this season, 15 quarterback hits, five tackles for a loss, and 26 quarterback pressures to go with those 6.0 quarterback sacks. He even has forced two fumbles this season. If the pass does get off, Young has only allowed 11 of 15 passes thrown to his receiver to connect.

The Giants struggle with pass protection, and that sets the stage for a huge game out of Rams rookie pass rusher Byron Young. The Giants hope that veteran QB Tyrod Taylor's fourth start of the season will help them salvage a win in Week 17. Unfortunately, he has been pursued and sacked as often as his teammates when starting for the Giants in the past.

Young's ability to chase down quarterbacks is essential in bringing down Taylor, a veteran who knows that he is auditioning for his next NFL contract in Week 17. Young has the ability to turn on a dime to make the corner and keep Taylor in the pocket, allowing the rest of the Rams pass rush to close in. The Rams need a big game from OLB Byron Young in Week 17, and I think that they will get it.